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Service Capabilities

Electrical Installations

  • Facility construction, support and repair

  • Commissioning and testing

  • Switchgear and panel board installations

  • Transformer installations

  •  Panel and switchgear termination

Industrial power distribution

  • Power distribution systems

  • Cable tray and raceways

  • Power systems start-up and service

  • Cable installations

  • Testing and termination

Industrial process maintenance

  • Control panel fabrication/ installation

  • Variable frequency drive systems

  • PLC systems

  • Device net systems

  • Process equipment wiring

Instrumentation and controls

  • Control wiring

  • Distributive controls installation

  • PLC systems

  • Device net systems

  • Process equipment wiring

Power Plant Construction

  • Switchyard installations

  • Substation installations, maintenance

  • Nox reduction and burner controls

  • Scrubber controls

  •  Varying voltage drive systems

Security and Alarm Systems

  • Controlled access

  • Fire alarms

  • Surveillance

Service Capabilities: Services
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